Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Potluck 2009

We had a festive neighborhood holiday potluck dinner here at Yvette Soto’s house last Thursday December 10. It was a fun get-together with some great food. There was a short Neighborhood Watch meeting and we talked a few issues:

I talked about a few recent home burglaries here and how we all should remember to lock all doors including back doors when we leave our houses. Also always make sure your cars are locked and valuables are out of site.

Also I passed along the good news that our area is once again being serviced by the Carmichael Sheriff’s Service Center and Francie Fitzimmons is once again our Neighborhood Watch liaison to the department.

Janice reminded us to replace washer hose gaskets every five years or so and she told a story of how someone she knows had a flood when the gasket wore out.

Yvette talked about the county’s program to repair potholes and sidewalk problems. You can call Sacramento County Transportation Maintenance at 916 875-5171 to make a service request.

Also, Fran Clarke left a flyer about a French Gardens trip to the French Riviera, Provence and Paris she is hosting May 5th through the 19th. You can email Fran for details and price before January 3rd at

A nice time was had by all and it was great to get together with all our neighbors again. Thanks again to Yvette for hosting the event!

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