Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recycling for Wine Country Greyhound Adoption


I am sending this post to invite people in the neighborhood, your friends, your co-workers and family members to feel free to drop off their plastic recyclables on my porch any day, any time. 100% of the proceeds goes directly back to assist the retired-racing foster greyhounds Wine Country Greyhound Adoption ( brings in at various times throughout the year. The money we gather from the recyclables helps with their medical needs, food etc...

I currently have two hounds of my own and am fostering the last one (Shannon) we brought from Oklahoma in October. We're just waiting to find her the perfect home. We plan to bring in more in January if the weather cooperates.

I would "greytly" appreciate your help with raising funds for these beautiful, loving and deserving dogs.

Many thanks,

Mary Lynne (Elly May, Fizzler and The Foster...Shannon)
4844 Holyoke Way
916-879-5918 (cell)


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