Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Meeting and Potluck

Rachel Schutz hosted a June Neighborhood Watch meeting and potluck last evening at her home on Tufts Street.
The highlight of the evening was a presentation with slides by Fran Clarke, UC Master Gardener titled: “Water-wise Gardening in our Sacramento Climate”. The slide show focused on the similarities of gardening in our climate with that of the Mediterranean area of Europe. It featured examples of Mediterranean gardens that were designed for minimal water usage, using native and other drought-tolerant plants and trees. Pictures of our local neighborhood gardens were also shown, with suggestions of how to maximize their functionality and health, specifically focusing on the water requirements of different types of plants and trees. She suggested that when planning a garden it is best to group plants that share similar water needs, and also gave advice on how much and how often to water, and showed examples of what can happen when over or under watering.

Thanks to Fran and Rachel, and to Stan for the pictures!

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