Thursday, August 06, 2009

National Night Out 2009

We celebrated National Night Out here, Tuesday August fourth with a neighborhood potluck barbecue hosted by Bernice Zaborski and Dick and Lois Parker. Bernice and the volunteer crew transformed her front lawn into a festive park-like picnic ground just in time for the 6:30 start time. The weather was cool for this time of year, but still it was very bright with the light of the setting sun bathing the entire scene.
Bernice ran the meeting, explaining what National Night Out is, and also gave a brief history of our Neighborhood Watch here. Guest speaker Brooks Hillian from SMUD gave a talk about street lighting options and other energy and money saving programs available to us. He brought DVDs and lots of informative flyers and handouts.
We also had a visit from CHP Officer Milton Toppings who gave a short talk about how the CHP works with communities like ours, followed by taking questions.
Later, our local fire department crew showed up in their big fire truck and opened it up to show its many impressive features. They were on call, so they may have had to leave at any time, but they stayed long enough for all to visit and then left with all the trucks lights flashing. We appreciate them taking the time to stop by and say hi!
Towards the end of the event we had a surprise visit from Francie and her volunteer crew from the Carmichael Sheriff’s service center. They just stopped by to say hi at the end of their busy National Night Out schedule. I think they had about 15 stops at various Neighborhood Watch functions that evening. It was great to see them, even though they are officially no longer working with us now.
Thanks to all who participated and helped out with this nice event and especially to Bernice for hosting, and to Stan for some of the nice pictures.
PS – I talked to Fran Clarke at the event and we’ll be planning another Fall Tree Walk through our neighborhood for sometime in early November.


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