Sunday, March 04, 2007

Join me on a trip to Italy this September!

by Fran Clarke

(Including the Islands of Capri and Ischia, Pompeii, Naples, Paestum)

September 25 – October 11, 2007
(17 days, 15 nights)
(9 nights in Sorrento, 3 nights in Grottaferrata (near Frascati), 3 nights in Rome)

Explore Campania and southern Lazio, regions of incomparable history and culture influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and others. Visit historic sites and superb examples of Roman gardens from Emperor Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, to the gardens and dwellings preserved by volcanic ash in Pompeii, the villas, palaces and gardens of the Renaissance (Villa d’Este) and Baroque (Villa Aldobrandini) eras, the Royal Palace at Caserta (built to rival Versailles) to renown gardens of the 20th century: La Mortella, La Landriana and Ninfa. Discover the beautiful islands of Capri and Ischia in the Bay of Naples, Mt Vesuvius, the magnificent Amalfi Coast and the Greek Temples at Paestum. Sample traditional foods and native wines. Finally there is Rome, the Eternal City with its fountains, piazzas, Roman monuments, and papal riches of art, architecture and gardens. Flexibility to choose your own activities, meals or leisure on most days. For more details contact me at or (916) 283-5884. (Itinerary details subject to change.)

From $3,499, plus taxes and fuel surcharges (approximately $275 per person), double occupancy based on 25 people. Rooms with twin beds and private bathrooms with bathtub or shower have been reserved.

Here's a little about me:
My husband, Bob, and I contracted with Streng Brothers to have our house on Holyoke Way built in late 1963. We moved into our new home in early 1964--almost 43 years ago! We were both teaching school in the San Juan Unified School District and this was going to be a temporary house. We already had property at Folsom Lake that bordered on the State Park. However, we decided to stay and reared our son Sean and daughter Heather here. In 1980 I was selected to become a UC Master Gardener in Sacramento County and in 1983 I decided to pursue my love of plants professionally by working in a local garden center. I became friends with Dick Tracy, garden writer for the Sacramento Bee, and we began in lead garden tours to England, the United States and Holland. I went to work for the Sacramento Tree Foundation sixteen years ago, continuing to research, design, escort, and lead garden and cultural tours to the British Isles, New Zealand, France and Italy. This will be my last trip to Italy for awhile, but I am planning trips to other countries. I prefer longer stays in cities and regions than typical tours and encourage people to choose their own activities if they desire. I am checking out Spain soon so I suggest that people contact me before March 15 or after April 5 if your are interested the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Capri and Rome. May 1 is the deadline for the deposit. It would be great to have a group from our neighborhood!

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